Malepeste ‎– Deliquescent Exaltation CD


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One way I could describe it would be, for those who’ve been trudging underground for a while, like a cross between the slower examples amongst Deathspell Omega’s Mikko-era repertoire (Mass Grave Aesthetics, Diabolus Absconditus) and early Opera IX, when they still had Cadavaria, yet with a more depressive vibe and with someone akin to Attila as a vocalist of course. Also, for those who enjoyed Jumalhamara’s more metallic albums like Resignaatio, there is also a resemblance herein. Particularly the delirious and deranged yet devotional nature of the vocals, and how they and the lesser background voices oft merge in forbidding harmonies. Both share this subtle, hard-to-capture quality in spades.