Hirilorn ‎– Litanies Of Annihilation

Hirilorn ‎– Litanies Of Annihilation CD Box set


Product Description

3 cd box set that includes the following:

“A Hymn To The Ancient Souls” Demo, 1997 / Split CD With Nasav, 2000

“Encyclopedia Pestilentia” Compilation, 1997

Split Tape With Merrimack, 1998

“Revenge Is Near” Live LP, 2004

“Legends Of Evil And Eternal Death” CD, 1998

“Depopulate (Prelude To Apocalypse)” 7″EP, 1999

Split 7″EP With Manitu, 2003

“Prophetic Tales Of Armageddon” Unreleased CD, Rehearsal, 1999

Rehearsal, 1999